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Aemc 8220 w/ MN93 single-phase power quality analyzer

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*8220 with MN93 Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer*
8220 with MN93 Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
The Model 8220 is a single-phase AC + DC power meter with an electroluminescent backlit digital display and is rated to 600V Cat III.
It is a measurement tool for electrical parameters and distribution network disturbances, enabling the user to obtain instant measurements of the main characteristics of a single-phase network (voltage, current, power, voltage and current harmonics, etc.) and to monitor machinery in operation (temperature, inrush current and duration of operation, distance of windings and rotational speed).
The Model 8220’s accuracy is better than 1% (excluding current sensors). It has a great flexibility due to AEMC’s range of current sensors, measuring from a few hundred milliamps to several thousand amps.
The Model 8220 is designed for technicians, control and maintenance engineers, as well as electrical contractors and educators.
The Power Quality Meter Model 8220 with MN93 is supplied with a black 240A current probe.
* Measures up to 660Vrms or VDC
* Measures up to 6500AAC or 1400ADC (probe dependent)
* Displays Min, Max and Avg Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak and K-Factor
* Calculates and displays Watts, VARs and VA, Power Factor and Displacement Power Factor for single-phase and balanced three-
* Displays THD for voltage and current
* Displays individual harmonic values for Volts and Amps through the 50th harmonic
* Captures and displays inrush current phase rotation and RPM
* Displays temperature in °F or °C
* Displays resistance up to 2000? and conducts continuity and diode tests
* Stores up to nine complete sets of readings for all volt, amp, power, harmonics and other measurements
* Configurable from DataView® software or front panel
* Includes DataView® software free for data download and storage, real-time waveform display, analysis and report generation
* Determine phase rotation and motor RPM
* Detect hot spots in wiring and equipment
* Verification of power distribution circuits
* Measurement and recording of power system quality (kW, VA, VAR)
* Energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh)
* In plant troubleshooting of power distribution panels and individual machinery
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Aemc 8220 w/ MN93 single-phase power quality analyzer Aemc 8220 w/ MN93 single-phase power quality analyzer