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ADUC834BSZ microconverter/precision microcontroller (2)

ADuC834BSZ, MicroConverter, 24-Bit ADC + 16-Bit ADC + 12-Bit DAC + 62K-Byte Flash MCU, 52 Pin TQFP,Lead-Free, Quantity 2, Analog Devices
The ADuC834 MicroConverter is a fully integrated 24-bit data acquisition system-on-a-chip. Like all of ADI's MicroConverter products, it features precision A/D & D/A conversion and a Flash microcontroller on a single chip.
* 2-Channel, Differential Input, Programmable Gain, Self-Calibrating, 24-Bit Primary ADC
* 3-Channel, Single-Ended Input, Self Calibrating, 16-Bit Auxiliary ADC
* Single 12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Voltage-Output DAC
* Industry Standard 8052 Microcontroller
* 62K-Byte In-Circuit Re-Programmable Flash Program Memory
* 4K-Byte Read/Write Accessible Non-Volatile Flash Data Memory
* 2K-Byte SRAM (In Addition to 256-Bytes in 8052 Core)
* Precision Temperature Sensor
* Voltage Reference, Serial Interface
Ports, Watchdog Timer, Power Supply
Monitor, Power-On-Reset (POR), etc
* Embedded Download/Debug & Emulation Features
Quantity 2 ..... New Parts !!!!!
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