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Premium spool thread tree stand

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Lift your thread off your work area and away from your material
Premium Two Spool Thread Tree Stand
Each steel beam section is approximately 13"; Fully extended, it lifts the thread over 28" off the table.
This tree provides better spool take-off and guidance than wire wrap styles, reducing your chance of thread tangles and breakage.
Our only business is the sales and service of Industrial Sewing Machines and has been for the past 15 years.
*Ask About Our 90 Days Same as Cash*
If you have any questions, please call or email us, and an expert technician will assist you.
Located in: Janesville, WI USA
We are willing to go the extra step to save you money.
Is your sewing system performing up to your expectations?
The machine used in your sewing application is only one part of the system. Industrial Sewing Systems specializes in matching your application with the correct machine, accessories, needles, and thread.
Similar to your automobile, a smooth, quiet ride results from not only the correct tire size, but also the appropriate inflation, proper tread pattern, suitable shocks, struts, or springs, etc. Optimizing these not only results in a smoother ride, but reduces maintenance costs and improves mileage. The same can be said for optimizing your 'sewing system'.
This emphasis on the 'system approach' to your application can reduce wear and tear on your machine, minimize your downtime, and increase your productivity. Our technicians have over 15 years servicing industrial sewing applications, and would be happy to help you with yours.
Do you offer financing? Yes We accept the Home Source Sewing Card. We can also provide you an application and we offer many different financing oppurtunities. If this may work for you just give us a call for details. 1-(***)-236-8306
Do you sell other industrial equipment? Yes We sell all makes and models of industrial sewing equipment. We will be glad to help you find a specific machine, or assist you in finding the optimum machine for your application. Just call us. 1-(***)-236-8306
Do you repair equipment? Yes We have 100's of companies around the United States that send their equipment to be repaired. Just call for information. 1-(***)-236-8306.
Do you sell parts and attachments?Yes We have over 90,000 items in our database.
Do you have a retail shop? Yes Our 14,000 square foot facility, located in Janesville, WI, houses our retail shop and our service center.
Do you sell new equipment? Yes Our technicians pre-assemble the new equipment, perform what we refer to as a 'sew-off' , and confidently offer a better warranty than the original manufacturer.

Premium spool thread tree stand Premium spool thread tree stand