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Set 4" non-mark casters - 2-swivel & 2-swivel w/brake

Brand new Roll-Tech Novoplex casters. Gray rubber (non-marking) wheels. For light carts, office equipment, furniture, etc. Item purchase is set of four (4) casters - two (2) swivel casters, and two (2) swivel w/brake casters.
* Our item #s: 66807 (swivel) and 66827 (swivel w/brake)
* Chromated zinc finish on pressed steel bracket; top-plate fitting (3" x 3")
* Swivel on two rows of greased, hardened steel balls
* Combined swivel and wheel brake (i.e., "total lock" on swivel w/brake)
* Wheel is 4" diam., gray (non-marking) thermoplastic rubber (may be slightly discolored)
* Load capacity (per wheel): 155 lbs
• Be Sure To Visit Roll-Tech's "Factory Store" In E-Bay Stores •
Returns Accepted (with prior approval, within 21 days) Only On Defective Goods (other than cosmetic defects)!
Otherwise, NO RETURNS For Refund!

Set 4